Tuesday, October 24, 2006


Agrotourism Sibenik, Family Kalpic

2 day ago, we visited the place Radonic (little village near Sibenik) and recorded some good videos...
Enyoj in vine, Prsut, rakija....All tradicionaly food and drink in old autuhtonic houses...

Thursday, October 05, 2006


Primosten Dalmatia Croatia

Primosten Dalmatia - one of the characteristics of the Primosten are tight streets, traditional Dalmatian stone houses ( more than 100 years old). Primosten counts 1745 citizen, is placed between Raduca bay and Primosten, 30 kilometers away from city Sibenik. The economy basic are agriculture, viticulture, oliviculture, fishing and tourism. The main beaches are in bays Vela, Mala Raduca, Primosten, Peles and island Smokvica famous nudist beach. One of the great event in Primosten is donkey race, that is one of the culture heritage.

More about Primosten , Primosten Burni , and more Village Burni

Croatian Adriatic coast

More Islands
Island Vis Dalmatia
Island Mljet
Island Krk
Island Bisevo

Saturday, September 23, 2006


Modra Spilja - Island Bisevo - Blue Cave

Island Bisevo
Modra spilja - cave protected by UNESCO, just before few years it was a home of mediterranean monk seal (but primitive fishermans killed her cause she break their tramells.
Modra spilja is placed on Island Bisevo on it south eastern side.
Croatian adriatic coast

Sunday, September 17, 2006


european vacations

European vacation
This is one of my last vacations picture, on the picture you can see pld stone walls rounding the old church in old village Porat placed in island Krk. This is fresh European vacation....

Island Krk - the biggest island in Croatia and Croatian Adriatic coast.
highest peak - Obzova at 569 meters
two lakes on the island, Ponikva and Jezero
Capital city on the island Krk is city Krk (rich history)
Vrbnik - famous of wine especially VRBNICKA ZLAHTINA (best producers Katunar family)
Krk apartments accomodation
region famous in production of wines

Krk town,
Omisalj -(the nearest place to the bridge)
Malinska - (tourist place)
Punat (boat marina)
Baska - (few kilometers long beach )
Vrbnik - funny humbly zone and that means you can not walk in your swimming suit, because you can be punish with some money globe
Dobrinj - historical town
Porat (our peaceful place, with rich history, old monastery, museum, )
Zidarici (small village with lots of old traditional houses)
Bogovici (near Malinska, place knowned by the church)
Zgombici (not so near the beach)
Stara Baska
Njivice (tourist place)
Sv. Vid

Friday, August 25, 2006


Primosten Adriatic coast Burni

Village Burni, near Primosten (Dalmatia - Adriatic coast)
Village Burni characterize life in Dalmatia as they were in history. Hard work, scanty ground. This place is settled on 400 meter above the Adriatic sea. Burni is a place well known trough the donkeys safari.

On the picture you can se one typical stoned house where people keep their working tool for tilling.
Primosten Dalmatia
This region is also known for their Babic vine and vineyard of Babic. So if you came you must taste this specific salty vine. They wash their tub in sea water, so the vine has one specific taste and it is really great (and I am not a alcoholic lover). But the heaths caterer, Dalmatia produces and rears from long history is of course olive, specific dalmatian olive oil is one of the culture specifics.
Croatian Adriatic coast

Monday, August 21, 2006


Island Mljet Dalmatia Croatia

Island Mljet - Dalmatian Croatian coast and sea

Look that scene.. don't you want to rest there??? like in heaven, we may say heaven in Croatia!!

Island Mljet - Dalmatian Croatian coast and sea

Look that scene.. don't you want to rest there??? like in heaven, we may say heaven in Croatia!!

Island Mljet

u 17°19´19'' i 17°45´16'' east and 42°41´12˝ i 42°48´23˝ north, Mljet is the most biggest southend Croatian Island.
He is places parallel to east half of Pelješac Peljesac, from which is separated with Mljetski canal.

37 kilometers - length Island Mljet
Mljet is the eight island by his size in Croatia

Croatian Adriatic coast

Thursday, August 10, 2006


river Zrmanja Croatia

Zrmanja river - Velebit

This is one of the limestone area river.

Would you like to jump in Zrmanja? I would, again.

This area is Croatia is known as place with the most endemic species, most interesting geomorphology and hydrology phenomena.
This is really unique and peaceful place.

Agrotourism Zrmanja


Dalmatia Primošten Primosten Burni Croatia

This is just one of the wholle beutiful benefits of Croatian Mediteran Sea and coast. Dalmatia is well known as great place od vineyard and vine of course Babic is one of the best in that area.
Croatian Adriatic coast
Vine is just perfect even if I am not a vine lover. I say you must taste it...

If you ever come to Primošten Primosten, go to Burni (village 10 km away from center of Primošten Primosten.

For a great dinner, with tradicionaly Dalmatian food go to Saricevi Šarićevi dvori, great place with the best view on that area. When the weather is ok , you can enyoy the view and see all Islands all over the Žirje Zirje Island. So if you are interested in all kulture behaviour go and chech Agrotourism in Burni (we very so amazed that we decided to make them a web site Saricevi dvori on our site Agrotourism Croatia . This is as a said earlyer just one of great thing of Dalmatia.

Primosten Dalmatia

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