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Island Lastovo Croatia Adriatic sea

Lastovo island Adriatic sea coast

This is tipical Dalmatian stone house, and up front in the picutre are Lastovoian chimney.

Adriatic coast

Those chimney you can see only at Island Lastovo on Adriatic coast.

Only old houses on the island has chimneys like this. Those pictures can soon be history.

Island Lastovo - Lastovo chimney

Lastovian archipelagio counts 46 little islands, and the sea around them and known as most fish richer area at Adriatic sea.

Lastovo is pleaced in Lastovian canal who devided it form Island Korcula.
Places on Island Lastovo:

city Lastovo, Ubli, Zaklopatica, Skrivena luka, Pasadur
Lastovo for the first time alludes in IV. (4. ) century before Christ with the name Ladesta and Landeston.

Lastovo has 46 churches and chapels.
Lastovo is the most sunniest place in Croatia and Adriatic sea.

Island Lastovo is the most forrested Croatian island, 70% of island is over forrest.

Island lenght: 10 km
Lastovo is presumed as most isolatated
biger Island in Croatia.

Base of old Chatolic basilica from V. - Vi. cenutry with sarcophaguses was found in Vrelo Jezero ( hot lake), and beside that are residues economic edifice also from the same period.

This is beautiful.. Lastovo is beautiful....
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