Saturday, July 29, 2006


Primosten - Primošten Dalmatia Croatian Adriatic coast

Croatian Adriatic coast
Primosten Capusta Cista Croatia
Primosten Primošten - little pleace where Orson Welles bought a house. ( Now you know how beautiful Croatian coast is).


Primosten is situated at the south Croatia, lieing beetwen Sibenik and Trogir.

Primosten - Primošten on Croatian came from word- most = bridged

In the history people of Primosten builded stoned wall to protect tehmself from Ottomans and their attacks. In that time Primosten was an island .
They were connected with movable bridge with the land, after that they were trenched rampart.

and thie attacks.
Croatian Adriatic Sea and coast

Primošten Primosten is surrounded by seven little islands, history place old stoned houses, churches and narrow lanes.

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