Tuesday, August 08, 2006


Island Bisevo Biševo Croatia Dalmatia

Island Bisevo
This is one of the photos we made from island Vis. That Island what you sea over the sea is a little island Biševo - Bisevo, whose "Blue cave" - Modra spilja is protected by UNESCO
and Modra spilja was a home of mediterranean monk sea (until the Croatian Vis fisherman, decided to kill her cause he destroyed their trawls.

Island Bisevo Biševo - is a great small island in the Dalmatia, on this island live only 6 persons, they don' t have roads on the island neither cars.
Croatian adriatic coast
Biševo - Bisevo Island is one small island and very cultural. The fastest way to come there is boat from Komiža Komiza (small place on the island Vis (issa). Every day line goes with little boat called Pruga and it ports in Mezoporat

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