Tuesday, August 08, 2006


Island Vis ( issa) Croatian Dalmatia

Islan Vis (lat. Issa) Dalmatia Croatia

On the picutre you can see a samll place Komiža - Komiza on the island Vis. The weather was not so good, but the place is really beautiful.

Island Vis - Komiža Komiza

Islan Vis is placed in the center of Croatian Adriatic
sea, Vis is knowed as one of the most sunniest Island in Croatia.
Island Vis is knowed them their beauful nautre, beaches, caves, vineyards, vine ofcouse.
History of island Vis
Island Vis
Vis was one of the station of ex Jugoslavia army, so all island is full of tunels, but really scary tunels. You can enter to mountin and walk (but not without the megalight) througt the tunels for planes or army vehicle, or the boat ener in the mountin. When you come you can see that cold war was here.

This is (for me) something caouse Island Vis is special, unfortulaly the citisens are shamed of that part of their history and culture.

You must see that I will show you some picutres.
Croatian Adriatic coast

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