Friday, August 25, 2006


Primosten Adriatic coast Burni

Village Burni, near Primosten (Dalmatia - Adriatic coast)
Village Burni characterize life in Dalmatia as they were in history. Hard work, scanty ground. This place is settled on 400 meter above the Adriatic sea. Burni is a place well known trough the donkeys safari.

On the picture you can se one typical stoned house where people keep their working tool for tilling.
Primosten Dalmatia
This region is also known for their Babic vine and vineyard of Babic. So if you came you must taste this specific salty vine. They wash their tub in sea water, so the vine has one specific taste and it is really great (and I am not a alcoholic lover). But the heaths caterer, Dalmatia produces and rears from long history is of course olive, specific dalmatian olive oil is one of the culture specifics.
Croatian Adriatic coast

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