Saturday, September 23, 2006


Modra Spilja - Island Bisevo - Blue Cave

Island Bisevo
Modra spilja - cave protected by UNESCO, just before few years it was a home of mediterranean monk seal (but primitive fishermans killed her cause she break their tramells.
Modra spilja is placed on Island Bisevo on it south eastern side.
Croatian adriatic coast

Sunday, September 17, 2006


european vacations

European vacation
This is one of my last vacations picture, on the picture you can see pld stone walls rounding the old church in old village Porat placed in island Krk. This is fresh European vacation....

Island Krk - the biggest island in Croatia and Croatian Adriatic coast.
highest peak - Obzova at 569 meters
two lakes on the island, Ponikva and Jezero
Capital city on the island Krk is city Krk (rich history)
Vrbnik - famous of wine especially VRBNICKA ZLAHTINA (best producers Katunar family)
Krk apartments accomodation
region famous in production of wines

Krk town,
Omisalj -(the nearest place to the bridge)
Malinska - (tourist place)
Punat (boat marina)
Baska - (few kilometers long beach )
Vrbnik - funny humbly zone and that means you can not walk in your swimming suit, because you can be punish with some money globe
Dobrinj - historical town
Porat (our peaceful place, with rich history, old monastery, museum, )
Zidarici (small village with lots of old traditional houses)
Bogovici (near Malinska, place knowned by the church)
Zgombici (not so near the beach)
Stara Baska
Njivice (tourist place)
Sv. Vid

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